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        作者:jshanwei 日期:2021-6-20 




        Performance and features of the self-elastic carousel.

        The self-elastic carousel has the same principle and function as the vertical carousel storage (VCS). It divides the box bucket into several storage units in the horizontal direction, and divides it into two or more layers in the longitudinal direction. In this way, it is possible to avoid finding the materials in a single bin after the operation of the bin of the VCS is stopped. Especially, it has the advantages of safe, accurate and fast access to small and medium-sized pieces, multiple varieties and light materials. At the same time, it can be separated in front and back in a single storage material box to store materials of different specifications. By scanning the code or entering the material code, the device will automatically run and reach the operation position of the hopper. The material box will automatically pop up to complete the automatic access of materials. At the same time, the system will record the number of materials and the location of the storage box in real time to facilitate query, traceability and automatic inventory.