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        作者:jshanwei 日期:2021-6-20 



        The vertical carousel storage (VCS) is a three-dimensional storage which carries out the slewing movement in the vertical direction, and is a kind of automatic storage container. The mechanical principle of chain transmission is adopted, and the gear and the transmission chain are driven by the motor and the reducer, thereby driving each box to realize the rotary motion. It can make full use of the original storage height and greatly save the floor space; the material access operation is easy and simple, as long as the material code (or scan code) is entered, the system will use the bin as the address recognition unit to automatically select the optimal path driven by the drive chain, the hopper of the placed materials can reach the delivery port quickly. With the pickup truck, materials can be easily accessed. At the same time, the system will automatically record the data. This accurate, safe and efficient access method makes the warehouse management easier. The operation of the VCS adopts the simplest and most intuitive touch screen method, and is equipped with a safety light curtain to ensure personal safety. The VCS information management system can monitor materials in and out, inventory in real time, and can also seamlessly interface with enterprise information management systems (ERP, MENS, SAP).